Join a Presentation from an Android Device

In order to join a presentation, your attendee must download the BeyondTrust presentation app from Google Play. The BeyondTrust presentation client is supported on Android devices running Android 4.0 and higher.


BeyondTrust Presentation Client App

The attendee will be prompted to enter a site address. This is the web address of your BeyondTrust public site.

Your attendee can also enter their name as it should be displayed to the presenter and other attendees during the presentation.

The attendee can then enter an access key or select a presentation from the list. The access key is generated when the presentation is created and can be found in the presentation schedule or in the active presentation interface. The presenter can provide this access key to the attendee verbally or via email.

To select a presentation from the list, your public site must be configured to show a presentation list. Additionally, the presentation must be started and must have the Showing on Public List box checked. From the list of available presentations, the attendee must select a presentation and touch the Join button to the right of the selected presentation.


Presentation Agreement

Your administrator can determine which messages your attendee sees, if any, before the presentation begins. Messages that may be displayed include an attendee agreement and a greeting.

If no one is available to give the presentation, an orphaned presentation message may also be displayed.

Additionally, certain non-customizable messages appear when the presentation has not started, when screen sharing is paused, and when the presentation has finished.


BeyondTrust Presentation

Touch the Pin button to pin the toolbar in place. If unpinned, the toolbar at the bottom of the screen disappears after a few seconds. Touch the screen to show or hide the toolbar.

Pin Toolbar


Chat during Presentation

During a presentation, attendees can view your desktop or selected applications and can also chat with you alone, or with you and other attendees.


The attendee can pinch to zoom during the presentation.


Presentation Information

To view conference information, the attendee can touch the Information button. This will show the presentation name, the presenter's name, and the dial-in information. If your attendee is on a phone which is capable of simultaneous voice and data or which is using Wi-Fi for its data connection, they can touch the phone number to initiate a call.

Presentation Information


Leave Presentation

To leave the presentation, the attendee can touch the Back button. If the presentation is still in progress, the attendee is prompted to confirm that they want to leave the presentation.

If the presenter ends the session, the attendee sees a message indicating that the presentation has ended.

The presentation client app stays installed so that the attendee can access future presentations.