Start a Click-to-Chat Session on an Android Device

Users of Android mobile devices benefit from chatting with your professional support team. BeyondTrust enables you to start web-based click-to-chat support sessions with users on Android devices. You may begin this type of Android device support via a representative-initiated support invitation or from your BeyondTrust support portal.

Use Click-to-Chat for Web-Based Chat on an Android Device without a Download

Public Site Support Portal

To start a session with click-to-chat, your customer does not need to download the BeyondTrust customer client app. Instead, direct your customer to your public site. Your customer must use a modern browser supported by BeyondTrust.

For click-to-chat to be available, your administrator must have enabled the click-to-chat option for at least one of the session start methods available from your public site. Click-to-chat is enabled from /login > Public Portals > Public Sites.


Click-to-Chat Name Entry

When your customer starts a session using a method that has click-to-chat enabled, a web-based chat session is initiated.


Click-to-Chat Example

After your customer enters their name, a support request enters a queue in the representative console. Accept the session to chat with your customer.


Click-to-Chat Elevate Request

If you need to provide support at a level deeper than chat allows, you can request your customer to elevate to the BeyondTrust customer client app. Accepting the elevation request attempts to open the BeyondTrust customer client app. If the BeyondTrust app is already installed, the session will immediately become available. If the app needs to be downloaded, your customer is taken to Google Play to download the free BeyondTrust app. The session then continues as detailed in the next section of this guide.