Endpoints: Manage Discovered Endpoints


View information about all discovered endpoints, such as the name and hostname of the system, along with information about the accounts associated with those systems.

Search Endpoints

Search for a specific endpoint or a group of endpoints based on Name, Hostname, Description, or Jumpoint Name.


View the number of accounts found during discovery as well as the endpoints they are associated with. Click the Accounts option to view the accounts associated with the system.


Modify the endpoint's information, specifically Name, Description, Hostname, and Jumpoint.


Delete the endpoint from the Endpoints list.

Manage Privileged Accounts Used on Endpoints

View and manage information about all discovered and manually added accounts. Available information includes:

  • Type: The type of account - specifically, whether it is a domain account or a local account.
  • Name: The name of the account.
  • Endpoint: The endpoint with which the account is associated.
  • Last Checkout: The last time the account was checked out.
  • Password Age: The age of the password.

Based on this information, you can perform various actions, including credential check-out/check-in and credential rotation.