Domains: Manage Domains with Vault


Added, view, and manage information about your domains.

Add, Edit, Delete

Add a new domain, modify an existing domain, or remove an existing domain.

Domain Name

View the name of the domain.


View the Jumpoint used to discover accounts and endpoints on the domain.

Management Account

View the management account associated with the Jumpoint and domain.


Click Discover to initiate the Jumpoint to scan and discover endpoints and accounts on the domain.

Add or Edit Domain

DNS Name

Enter the DNS Name of the domain.


Choose an existing Jumpoint located within the environment you wish to discover accounts.

Management Account

Select the management account needed to initiate a discovery job for this domain. Choose to use a new account, which requires a Username, Password, and Password Confirmation to be entered. Or choose to use an existing account discovered from a previous job or added manually in the Accounts section.