MS Teams: Enable and Customize the Microsoft Teams Integration


MS Teams

Microsoft Teams Integration

When enabled, this feature allows you to extend your support capabilities within Microsoft Teams. MS Teams can support multiple Remote Support teams and use the integration, differently if desired, for all the different portal sites. Administrators can prepare custom greetings and deploy customizable BeyondTrust Remote Support bots for their organization that enables their users to chat with support representatives and accept session invitation links in the Microsoft Teams chat.

Follow the on-screen instructions to setup the integration.

You must check Enable the Microsoft Teams Integration to view the instructions.

Select a Portal

If you have multiple public portals, select the portal for the integration from the Select a public site to edit dropdown. To set up Teams integration for multiple portals, repeat the process below for each portal.

Enable the Microsoft Teams Integration

Check this option to enable the MS Teams integration, and display the Configuration Instructions and configuration options.

Basic Configuration

Follow the on-screen instructions, Step 1, items 1 through 7, to deploy a custom bot for your Azure tenant, and obtain the information to complete the Basic Configuration fields. This requires working in your Azure portal.

Bot Configuration

Follow the on-screen instructions, Step 1, item 8, to set up the Bot profile.

Deploy the Bot to the Microsoft Teams Tenant

As per the on-screen instructions, Step 2, items 1 through 4, once the configuration is complete, click Download Teams Manifest Package and upload the file to the Microsoft Teams admin center.