File Store: Upload Resource Files

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File Store


Use the online file store to save files you need to reference from your HTML template, such as image files and style sheets. You can also use the file store as a central point of access for files frequently needed during support sessions.


Show File Listing for File Store at /files

If this option is checked, any files uploaded here are accessible by browsing to your support site hostname followed by /files (e.g.,

View the File Store

If the option above is checked, click this button to view your online file store.

File Store Statistics

View the number of files uploaded, the maximum capacity available, and the maximum file size. The file store limit is 25 MB.



Browse for files and upload them to your file store.

Files in File Store

View a list of files uploaded to your file store.

Delete Selected Files

Select one or more files from the list above and click this button to remove those files from your file store.

For more information, please see Customizing the BeyondTrust Support Portal.