Canned Scripts: Create Scripts for Screen Sharing or Command Shell Sessions

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Canned Scripts

Canned Scripts

Create custom scripts to be used in screen sharing and command shell sessions. The script will be displayed in the screen sharing or command shell interface as it is being executed. Executing a script in the screen sharing interface displays the running script on the remote screen. The script will run in the context of the logged-in user when the session is not elevated, and it will run as the local system when the session is elevated. You can filter your view by selecting a category or team from the dropdown at the top of the page.

For more information, please see Support Session Overview and Tools.

For more information, please see Access the Remote Command Shell.

Add, Edit, Delete

Create a new script, modify an existing script, or remove an existing script.

Add or Edit Canned Script

Script Name

Create a unique name to help identify this script. This name should help users locate the script they wish to run.


Add a brief description to summarize the purpose of this script. This description is displayed on the prompt to confirm that the user wants to run the selected script.

Command Sequence

Write the command sequence. Scripts must be written in command line format, similar to writing a batch file or shell script. Note that only the last line of the script may be interactive; you cannot pause the script or prompt for input in the middle of the script.

Within the script, reference an associated resource file using "%RESOURCE_FILE%", making sure to include the quotation marks. Please note that the command sequence is case sensitive.

You can access the resource file’s temporary directory using %RESOURCE_DIR%. When you run a script with an associated resource file, that file will be temporarily uploaded to the customer’s computer.

Team Availability

Select which support teams should be able to use this item.


Select the categories under which this item should be listed.

Resource File

You may select a resource file to be associated with this script.

Elevation Mode

Select if this script should be available to run in elevated mode only, unelevated mode only, or both.

Available In View-Only Screen Sharing as a Special Action

If this option is checked, this script may be run even when the user is allowed only to view and not control the remote computer. Note that when the user is in view-only screen sharing, the customer receives a prompt to allow the script to run.

If the user is allowed to use canned scripts, all canned scripts are available in full-control screen sharing, regardless of whether this option is checked or unchecked.

For more information, please see Screen Share with the Remote Customer for View and Control.


Add Category, Delete

Create a new category or remove an existing category.


Choose and Upload Resource

Add any resource files you want to access from within your scripts. The maximum file size allowed is 250MB, with a maximum resource storage space of 1GB.

If you upload a resource file with the same name as an existing resource file, there is a prompt to confirm replacing the file.

  • If you click YES, the updated resource file is uploaded and used for all applicable canned scripts.
  • If you click NO, the file is not uploaded.


Remove an existing resource file.