BeyondTrust Remote Support FAQs

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Public Portals and Support Buttons

Why does Internet Explorer return (500) Internal Server Error when starting sessions?

How do I upload and use my company's logo on our BeyondTrust public portal?

How do I customize my BeyondTrust Support Portal via CSS stylesheets?

Can I deploy a Support Button to all users?

Why do I get a Document Not Found error when I browse to my support site?

What request validation mechanisms are employed to prevent Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF or XSRF)?

Is there any way to disable streamlined session start?

Is BeyondTrust vulnerable to autocomplete password form exploits?

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Mobile Apps

What is included in BeyondTrust Android Devices Support?

Does BeyondTrust provide its Android client APK files to customers for distribution outside of the Play Store?

Which mobile versions support remote screen control?

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Desktop Consoles

How is the Unable to establish a connection to the Secure Remote Access Appliance error resolved?

Why might the rep or access console return the 1gws error?

Where can I download the Rep Console?

How can I set Inactive Session Timeout for reps?

Why does the login dialog box reappear with no error displayed when logging into the Rep Console?

How is a 5ca error resolved?

Why use Equilibrium?

Why does the Extractable Rep Console report a 1gws failure for installation after upgrading the appliance?

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Desktop Clients

How does the customer client extraction and installation process work?

How does BeyondTrust choose between HTML5, Flash and downloading the full client when launching Click-to-Chat?

How are .desktop BeyondTrust clients installed or run in Ubuntu Linux?

How can HTML5 chat notifications be disabled?

Do I need to preinstall anything on the customer's machine to gain access?

Why am I unable to elevate a support session?

Why might IE warn that the BeyondTrust customer client download is corrupt or invalid?

Why might I receive a black screen after the start of a session?

How can I disable or turn off the prompts my customers see?

Why can't I perform admin actions on the customer computer after elevation?

How do I enable recording presentations?

Why did my presentation not get recorded?

Where are BeyondTrust customer client files installed on Mac OS X?

How do I fix the Linux warning Untrusted application security policy?

What operating systems allow the Elevate Customer Client feature?

How do I fix the error No suitable location could be found to run the application?

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Session Tools

How do I fix the Unable to Grab Remote Screen Image error?

How do I fix the error The elevation attempt failed. (1314)?

What are Elevated Special Actions?

Why is there only a grey screen after starting a session?

How do I restrict the remote mouse and keyboard?

How do I share the rep screen with the remote customer?

What permissions are needed for Canned Scripts in Commmand Shell?

What's the maximum size for file transfers?

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Virtual Appliances

How can the Secure Remote Access Appliance be moved from one ESX server to another?

Can available resources be modified?

Can VMware tools be installed and/or updated?

Does the BeyondTrust Virtual Appliance support VMWare Workstation?

Does BeyondTrust support VMware's snapshot functionality?

What are the minimum hardware requirements for the Virtual Appliance?

Does the Virtual Appliance support vSphere clustering with features such as vMotion, DRS, replication, and HA?

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Physical Appliances

How is a replacement appliance setup and tested?

What are the areas of concern when migrating from an on-premises appliance to the BeyondTrust Cloud?

How do I reset my /appliance password?

What do the LED lights mean?

How much storage capacity do Secure Remote Access Appliances have for session recordings?

How do I access the appliance locally?

What is the effect of clicking Reset Appliance to Factory Defaults?

How is syslog configured?

Why is my appliance beeping?

What version of BeyondTrust software is installed on my appliance?

What’s the difference between /login and /appliance interfaces?

Can I restore a backup from one appliance type to another?

Is all data encrypted on the physical disks of Secure Remote Access Appliances?

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Jump & Push

What is the difference between Jump, Jump To, Jump Clients, Pinned Clients, Pinned Sessions, Jumpoints, Push and Start, Local Push, Local Jump, and Pushed Sessions?

How do I make Intel vPro work?

How do I fix Failed to prepare remote system 'hostname' (4:5)?

How do I fix Failed to communicate properly with 'hostname' (4:5)?

What's the expected behavior of Automatically elevate local network Jump attempts?

Why is a Jumpoint unable to browse the network?

How many sessions can a Jumpoint support?

What is Shell Jump and how is it configured?

How does BeyondTrust determine when to prompt the local rep for credentials?

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How do I rekey or reissue my CA-Signed SSL certificate?

How do I generate and upload a CA-Signed SSL certificate?

Where can I download the root certificate for my SSL chain of certificates?

How is a certificate chain warning fixed?

Why are Windows Server 2003 clients unable to connect after changing certificates?

Does BeyondTrust support SSL / crypto acceleration or SSL load balancing?

How is BeyondTrust forced to leverage only TLSv1.2 connections?

Does BeyondTrust support ECDSA certificates and Forward Secrecy (PFS)?

Can the certificate request be generated via Microsoft IIS or other tools?

What is SHA1 deprecation and how will it affect BeyondTrust?

How can I confirm that SSL certificates are valid and complete?

How do wildcard certificates work?

Why might clients not work after applying a SHA384RSA certificate to the appliance?

How is a certificate verification failure resolved?

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Microsoft Windows

How do I resolve the error Unrecognized client detected?

How do I deploy a BeyondTrust MSI via Group Policy (GPO) using KEY_INFO?

How do I fix the error Automatic upgrading not enabled?

How do I enable sending the Ctrl+Alt+Del Secure Attention Sequence on Windows systems?

How do I override the Ctrl+Alt+Del Secure Attention Sequence policy through BeyondTrust?

What is the expected behavior when using BeyondTrust Remote Support with Windows 10?

How can I bypass UAC prompts to allow for full control of a Vista/Windows 7 machine?

Why does UAC still prompt for admin credentials after the rep-user elevated the session?

How do I perform a silent uninstall of the rep console on Windows computers?

How is the Please remove the previous rep console MSI before installing error fixed?

What is the BeyondTrust Display Driver and when should it be used?

Why might IE return certificate errors upon downloading the BeyondTrust client?

What Windows operating systems support the BeyondTrust Display Driver?

What is the proper way to remove MSI installations?

What do I do if antivirus is flagging BeyondTrust clients as malware?

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How is the DNS hostname of a BeyondTrust site changed?

What type of proxy services does BeyondTrust client software support?

Why are clients sometimes unable to detect a connection to the appliance?

How can bandwidth requirements be calculated for BeyondTrust?

What is the average bandwidth usage per session for the support representative?

What is required when changing the IP address of the appliance?

Can a network load balancer be used with BeyondTrust?

When migrating to BeyondTrust Cloud, can customers keep their existing hostname?

Can I set up the Secure Remote Access Appliance inside my network?

Can two IP addresses on the same network be assigned to both NICs?

Is placing BeyondTrust in the DMZ with access to both internal and external networks a security risk?

What network adapter type should I use?

Why is there a 403 Forbidden error for presentation, support session, and external rep invite links?

Why is there a 403 Forbidden error when accessing /appliance or /login?

Do firewall ports need to be opened to use BeyondTrust Remote Support software?

Can dynamic IP addressing be used for Secure Remote Access Appliances?

How do I force the appliance to sync with its NTP server?

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Security & Authentication

Is BeyondTrust affected by Symantec's discontinued use of VeriSign G1 Roots?

Does BeyondTrust support RSA SecurID?

Why does searching for an Active Directory group in Group Policy produce no results?

How can Reps who Failed to Authenticate recover/reset passwords?

Is BeyondTrust vulnerable to BREACH attacks on the DEFLATE algorithm?

What is the warning Cookie Does Not Contain The "secure" Attribute?

What should I do for a Penetration test which reveals a "Host Header Injection" risk?

How should I report security concerns with BeyondTrust Cloud?

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