BeyondTrust Standalone Security Scanner 6.7.5 Release Notes

May 19, 2020

Release Availability:

  • This release is available by download from the BeyondTrust Client Portal ( and by using the BeyondTrust Auto-Updater.
  • The MD5 signature is: b31f019a7d8c82243f5caa0fb5005775.
  • The SHA-1 signature is: 7bcbe4bba95e64aec5ff34f64845f008e9a03a7c.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Upgraded the OpenSSL component to version 1.1.1g.
  • Upgraded the SQLite component to version 3.31.1.
  • Upgraded Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 x86 runtime to v14.25.28508.3.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved issue in which error parsing SSL CLIENT-HELLO resulted in audit false positives.
  • Resolved issue which caused a false positive in audit 75591, OpenSSL Multiple Vulnerabilities (20140611), due to an insufficient timeout value.