Host Security Scanner for Linux and macOS 1.1.1 Release Notes

October 23, 2019

New Features:

  • Support for Debian 10.
  • Ability to create a deployment package of configuration settings using "" utility.
  • Added additional debug output to "config" utility.
  • Improved asset IP address identification for management console.
  • Added debug log file location to error messages.
  • Improved communication with central policy server.

Release Availability:

  • This release is available by download from the BeyondTrust Client Portal (
  • DEB bundle MD5 signature is: 447b1c53579effbc5ca196354cba3b9c
  • DEB bundle SHA-1 signature is: e502c7a1cf90cf09da3636a3953ed44f2e3826fb
  • RPM bundle MD5 signature is: b31c1563b2aadb6fbe481d9cc3afffe6
  • RPM bundle SHA-1 signature is: c91b7fb8191d3ae17ed81fd82b4269533a81ec24
  • macOS MD5 signature is: 1e75e04156b2fad724b7f51d55f7c400
  • macOS SHA-1 signature is: e572d55fd7e4f92fc6be2d047043e0674d4a3259

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved issue with network errors resulting in potential exhaustion of sockets.
  • Resolved issue with configuration file being truncated after large central policy transactions.
  • Resolved issue with multiple central policy requests resulting in incorrect configuration.
  • Resolved issue with scans not resuming after a restriction window has expired.
  • Resolved issue with "Run Once" scan configurations being deleted upon entering a restriction window.