UVM Security Management Appliance Image 2019 R1 Release Notes

May 14, 2019

New Appliance Image:

  • Created new 2016 images for all UVM appliances.
  • Created a new BTAdmin account .
  • Identified new local policy settings to meet the 2016 CIS benchmarks.
  • Created new a hardening process with new local policies and new FIM rules.
  • Added ability for Windows Defender to be installed and configured from BeyondTrust Updater as well as receive updates from BeyondTrust Updater.
  • Set Windows Event Logs retention policy and archiving.
  • Updated protection to be provided by Windows Defender and PowerBroker for Windows.
  • Configured PowerBroker for Windows events data from the Notifications page to be sent to BeyondInsight.
  • Modified PowerBroker for Windows policies to allow SQL Server service shutdowns.
  • Updated PowerBroker for Windows to push updates to the default policy for all UVM appliances.
  • Updated the firewall listing and included the list as a part of the hardening process.
  • Edited the Windows Firewall configuration to allow inbound port 2383 on UVM’s with SQL Server.


  • New appliances will ship with this image starting May 2019.