Windows 8 Compatibility Statement, 2012

October 19, 2012

Please refer to the updated Windows 8 Compatibility Statement.

This Statement of Compatibility is intended to help users understand the official stance of the usage and compatibility of all Bomgar software on the Microsoft Windows® 8 operating system. The next generation of Microsoft’s operating system is currently in “Preview”, which means it is readily available for you to download and test with very little restriction. However, as with any product carrying a “beta”, “RC”, or “Preview” label, it is also susceptible to changes that are solely under the control of Microsoft. As of this writing, Windows® 8 is scheduled to be generally available on October 26, 2012.

Bomgar has taken every opportunity to test our software with each available pre-release of Windows® 8 as well as with the recently released Release to Manufacturer (RTM) version. We are glad to report that our testing thus far has yielded a solid experience very near to that of running Bomgar on Windows® 7.

Bomgar will officially support the final public release of Windows® 8 in the upcoming Bomgar 12.2.4 and 12.3.1 releases, which are scheduled for November availability. Bomgar will also certify Windows® 8 in the 12.3.4 maintenance release targeted for late April 2013 release.


During our testing of Bomgar on Windows® 8, several new changes to the Microsoft operating system and its user experience have also modified the Bomgar experience. We are actively looking at ways to evolve and improve the Bomgar experience for this new UI paradigm. Some of the more obvious changes include the following:

  • Metro* UI Desktop
    • You can use Bomgar to view and interact with the Metro Desktop on a remote system
    • Annotations will not appear on Metro Apps or the Start Window tiles
    • All Bomgar prompts and notifications appear on the standard desktop which can be hidden if a Metro App or the
    • Start Window is currently in focus
  • Privacy Screen
    • Support representatives who have permission to use the Privacy Screen feature (i.e., disable a customer’s display) will not be able to do so when supporting a remote Windows® 8 system.
  • Application Sharing
    • Application sharing works as expected for the standard desktop and desktop apps, but it does not effectively block out the Start Window or any Metro applications

If you have specific feedback for Bomgar as it pertains to Windows® 8, feel free to share it with us at In the meantime, join us as we count down to the official release of Microsoft’s Windows® 8 operating system.

Microsoft has stated that they will replace the “Metro” term with another term that is yet to be finalized. Until such official replacement has been stated, we will reference it here as “Metro” for simplicity.