Privileged Remote Access 19.2.1 Release Notes

August 13, 2019


  • This version of Privileged Remote Access has been certified for physical BeyondTrust Appliances, virtual BeyondTrust Appliances, and cloud deployment models.
  • This release requires Base software Base 5.5.0.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • The administrative interface, /login, has been updated with a brand new UI.
  • The built-in Vault functionality now provides users the ability to specify which Active Directory OUs or specific LDAP queries to target for Discovery and Import into the Vault.
  • Web Jump Items have new configuration settings that give users the ability to specify where to inject credentials on the target web page, as well as the format for the username when it is injected.
  • Jump Group ID and Jump Group Name have been added to the reports in /login and to the AccessSession xml in the Reporting API.
  • Custom Fields can now be configured and sent out with Outbound Events.
  • Cloud customers can now decrease the Jump Client update interval to 15 minutes.
  • Fully Qualified Domain Names can now be used to match Jump Clients in BRCS calls.
  • Users can now move Session tabs in the Access Console.
  • When leveraging SCIM as a Security Provider, administrators can now leverage SCIM to create User Groups and associate users to that group.
  • The enumeration of the Jump Item list in the Access Console has been improved.
  • File Transfer and Screen Sharing performance have been improved, especially in High Latency environments.
  • The following Command API calls are now included in PRA:
    • get_connected_clients
    • get_connected_client_list
    • get_logged_in_reps

Issues Resolved:

Administrative Interface

  • Reporting
    • Resolved an issue with url links not redirecting to a Session Recording when required to login again.
  • Security Providers
    • Resolved an issue with SAML authentication failing when using non-standard ports.
    • Resolved an issue in which creating users with SCIM sometimes added an additional space to the username, causing logins to fail.
    • Various SCIM Schema updates.
  • Failover
    • Resolved an issue with performing a Failover soon after completing a Remote Jump session, causing the Jumpoint to not reconnect to the new Primary instance.


  • Access Console
    • Resolved an issue where Jump Client updates in the Access Console were occasionally slow after the initial startup.
    • Resolved an issue with some keys not working correctly for Norwegian keyboard layouts.
    • Resolved an issue with copy and paste during vPro and VNC sessions if the session gets disconnected.
    • Resolved an issue where entering an incorrect password during a local push would cause the User to have to start the process over again instead of just asking for another password.
    • Resolved an issue with External Invites sometimes not populating the Session Key details.
    • Better detection for VNC disconnections.
  • Web Access Console
    • Resolved an issue with the screen sharing not working properly in the Web Access Console when using RDP quality set to Video Optimized.
  • Jump Client
    • Corrected an issue with Jump Schedule permissions not working correctly when the Jump Schedule extended into the next week.
    • Jump Clients will now update their names when their system name changes, but only if you haven’t already customized your Jump Client name.
  • Web Jump
    • Resolved an issue with number pad keys not being injected correctly through Web Jump sessions when a Web Rep Console was used.
    • Corrected an issue with attempting to print through Web Jump sessions causing the Windows Print window to appear on the Jumpoint system.
    • Resolved an issue with AltGr not being sent through Web Jump sessions correctly.
  • Mac
    • Key Injection improvements have been implemented for Mac Access Consoles when they connect and interact with RDP and Web Jump sessions.
  • RDP
    • Corrected an issue where CPU usage would sometimes not lower after RDP sessions had ended.
    • Resolved an issue with RDP Jumps not handling UPN credentials correctly.
  • Linux
    • Resolved an issue with the Credential window not being displayed for clients running behind an authenticating proxy on Linux.
    • Corrected an issue with Service Mode Jump Clients not always installing correctly on OpenSuse.