Privileged Identity - ECM Plugin 19.4.2 Release Notes

November 12, 2020

New Features and Enhancements:

  • For customers whose security guidelines prohibit concurrent checkouts of a given credential, the integration will now handle retrieval of stored / managed and shared credentials without the need for the users to have the Ignore Password Checkout delegation permission.


  • The Privileged Identity ECM Plugin requires ECM 1.5.0+.
  • The Privileged Identity ECM Plugin is compatible with Privileged Identity
  • The Privileged Identity ECM Plugin requires 20.1.1+ of the Secure Remote Access products.


Signature SHA256 Hash 1C2FB04EEC298AA0973BA0DE72BDE7846EBB03642A21CFFFB771D98980F3C383
BeyondTrustPIPlugin_19.4.2.199.dll 62785ED8995AB7FFB93EAD051A5B3AA260BFA439D41BA5625604D041B3C6694E