Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows 23.7 Release Notes

August 29, 2023


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 (required to use Power Rules, PowerShell audit scripts, PowerShell API, and Agent Protection)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (required to use Multifactor Authentication with an OIDC provider)
  • PowerShell 3.0 (required to use Power Rules, PowerShell audit scripts, and PowerShell API)
  • Trellix (formerly McAfee) Agent (required if you are installing the Privilege Management client with switch EPOMODE=1)
The executable version of the client package includes all necessary prerequisites (excluding .NET Framework) and automatically installs them as necessary. If you use the MSI or ZIP package, you must manually install any necessary prerequisites.

New Features and Enhancements:

Nothing new to note.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved an issue where WinRM sessions could not be started with the Enter-PSSession command on Windows 11.
  • Resolved an issue where smart cards managed by ActivClient would not been in our messages when connecting via RDP.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause a failure of the System Settings app when attempting to add or alter voice/speech/language packs. Note that System Settings is a UWP-style app so will not show our elevation messages and instead show UAC.
  • Resolved an issue where the ChassisType information about an endpoint was not being correctly recorded in Events.

Known Issues:



  • Endpoint Privilege Management Policy Editor 23.7 (recommended), 21.6+
  • Endpoint Privilege Management ePO Extension 22.7 (recommended), 21.1+
  • Endpoint Privilege Management Console Windows Adapter 23.7 (recommended), 21.8+
  • BeyondInsight/Password Safe23.1 (recommended), 7.2+
  • Trellix Agent 5.7+
  • Trellix ePO Server 5.10 Service Pack 1 Update 1(recommended), Update 13+

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 11
    • 22H2
    • 21H2
  • Windows 10
    • 22H2
    • 21H2
    • LTSB 2015
    • LTSB 2016
    • LTSC 2019
    • LTSC 2021
  • Server
    • 2022
    • 2019
    • 2016
    • 2012R2
    • 2012
    • Core 2016
    • Core 2019
    • Core 2022

For more information about compatibility, see Privilege Management for Windows and Mac: Supported Versions and Operating System Compatibility.