Endpoint Privilege Management Cloud 22.8 Release Notes

October 25, 2022

New Features and Enhancements:

Web Policy Editor

  • Assigning the latest policy revision is now restricted to the computer groups available for a user, based on their permissions.
  • Add to Policy displays only the policies the user has permissions to edit.

Privilege Management Reporting

  • If a user does not have edit permissions for any policies, the Add to Policy button is not available.
  • Users can now add an application to policy from a given event from the Event Detail page.
  • Users no longer need to reload the Events All or Process Detail reports when closing an event detail.

PM Cloud

  • Added role-based access to computers, computer groups, and policies.
  • Added month as an approval time frame for authorization requests.

Issues Resolved:

Web Policy Editor

  • Added UUID Regenerate page to Utilities within WPE to provide the option to resolve problem with inaccurate data displayed in Analytics, showing incorrect Workstyles or Application Groups.
  • Resolved issue in which a list of computer groups on Assign Policy revision at check-in was empty after making a change to policy via Add to Policy in Analytics.

Privilege Management Reporting

  • Performance improvements.
  • User Name filter now applied accurately.
  • Resolved issue in which clicking on the number of processes from Discovery by Path did not return the correct number of results when directed to Events > All.

PM Cloud

  • Resolved issue in which sorting was not working for the Language column in the Users grid.
  • Resolved issue in which timestamps in Analytics did not match timestamps in the AWS S3 bucket.
  • Resolved issue in which the Default computer group was not automatically selected when a user manually authorized computers.


  • PM Reporting UI: 22.8.121
  • Web Policy Editor: 22.8.138
  • PM Reporting UI: 22.8.121
  • Event Collector: 22.8.14
  • PM Cloud 22.8.396



Do not install a new adapter version before you are running a version of PM Cloud that supports it. Installing an unsupported adapter can result in endpoints that no longer connect. You will be notified before your instance of PM Cloud is upgraded.

  • PM Windows Adapter: 22.8.396 (Recommended), 22.7.271, 22.6.273, 22.5.144, 22.4.227, 22.3.310, 22.2.584, 21.8.760
  • PM MMC snap-in: (Recommended),, 22.5.179, 22.4.227,, 22.1.95, 21.7.152, 21.5.106,, 21.3.135, 21.2.98, 21.1.133
  • PM for Windows: (Recommended),,,, 22.1.95, 21.7.152, 21.5.106,, 21.3.135, 21.2.98, 21.1.133
  • PM for macOS: (Recommended),,,,,,
  • PM macOS Adapter: (Recommended),,,,
  • PM Rapid Deployment Tool for macOS: (Recommended),,,,,,
  • PM Response Generator for Windows: (Recommended),,,, 22.1.95
  • PM Response Generator for macOS: (Recommended),,,,


  • Upgrade path: PM Cloud 22.7.271 to PM Cloud 22.8.396.
  • The following PM Cloud Adapters are deprecated, and support will be removed in a future version of PM Cloud. These adapters will continue to function with PM Cloud 22.7, but should be upgraded to ensure ongoing compatibility:
    • PM Windows Adapter: 21.8.760