Endpoint Privilege Management Cloud 22.5 Release Notes

July 7, 2022

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Added endpoints and fixed gaps to ensure a quality integration with SailPoint IdentityNow, Okta, and Microsoft Azure is in place.
  • Web Policy Editor:
    • Added a Rule Scripts menu under Utilities, allowing the user to upload, edit, delete, and download scripts.
  • Privilege Management Reporting:
    • Added the ability for users to export a User Session Detail Report to a CSV file.
    • Made improvements to drill-down behavior on Process Hierarchy in Event Detail Report.


  • PM Reporting Database: 22.5.7
  • PM Reporting UI: 22.5.50
  • Event Collector: 22.4.70
  • Web Policy Editor: 22.5.41



Do not install a new adapter version before you are running a version of PM Cloud that supports it. Installing an unsupported adapter can result in endpoints that no longer connect. You will be notified before your instance of PM Cloud is upgraded.

  • PM MMC snap-in: (Recommended),, 22.1.95, 21.7.152, 21.5.106,, 21.3.135, 21.2.98, 21.1.133
  • PM for Windows: (Recommended),, 22.1.95, 21.7.152, 21.5.106,, 21.3.135, 21.2.98, 21.1.133
  • PM Windows Adapter: 22.5.144 (Recommended), 22.4.227, 22.3.310, 22.2.584, 21.8.760, 21.7.634, 21.6.339, 21.5.331
  • PM for macOS: (Recommended),,,,,
  • PM macOS Adapter: (Recommended),,,,
  • PM Rapid Deployment Tool for macOS: (Recommended),,,,
  • PM Response Generator for Windows: (Recommended),, 22.1.95
  • PM Response Generator for macOS: (Recommended),,


  • The following PM Cloud Adapters are deprecated, and support will be removed in a future version of PM Cloud. These adapters will continue to function with PM Cloud 22.5, but should be upgraded to ensure ongoing compatibility:
    • PM Windows Adapter: 21.5.331
    • PM macOS Adapter: