BeyondInsight for Unix and Linux 23.1 Release Notes

July 6, 2023


For installation requirements and considerations, as well as supported platforms, please see Install BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux.

New Features and Enhancements:

PMUL Settings Editor

  • Implemented API updates to support returning settings values even when some settings are in an errored state.
  • Implemented API endpoint to leverage verifying settings before they are made live in the PB Settings editor.
  • Settings can now be filtered by name, description, or errored status.
  • Added banner identifying errored settings in the PB Settings editor.
  • Edit/save of errored settings is not allowed in Endpoint Privilege Management for Unix & Linux (PMUL) earlier than version 23.1.
  • Settings are pre-verified when saving in PMUL versions 23.1 or later.
  • Errored settings must be edited before saving in PMUL versions 23.1 or later.

PMUL Cached Policy and Logs Support

  • Added ability to allow caching of policy by clients when installing a PMUL policy server.
  • Added ability to enable caching of policy on the client when installing a PMUL policy client.
  • PMUL caching config details are shown on Host Details > PMUL screen.

AD Bridge Tenant Join

  • Added screen and APIs for AD Bridge Join templates.
  • Added software action for AD Bridge > Tenant Join, Tenant Leave, Tenant Update.
  • Join templates are used when entering details for a tenant join.
  • Tenant join details are shown on Host Details > AD Bridge screen.
  • Added notifications for when Azure app secret expiry is imminent.

AD Bridge Local Policy Editor

  • Added screen and APIs for AD Bridge local policy editor.
  • Credential rules are used to save credential selections for connecting to AD Bridge hosts.

Scheduled Software Actions

  • Updated software actions API and screens to support scheduling a task to run in the future, perhaps recurring.
  • Added Schedules page to Tasks screen, showing scheduled actions and their status.
  • Added APIs to support editing an existing schedule.
  • Scheduled tasks can be paused, resumed, and edited.

Session Replay From Unified Search

  • Added playback button to results grid to improve visibility of playback availability.

Dark Theme

  • Added theme selector in user dropdown.
  • Added dark theme color set.
  • Made numerous minor UX tweaks to improve appearance under any selected theme.

Issues Resolved:


  • Loopback addresses are no longer allowed on the SIEM Connections screen.
  • Resolved issue in which session tokens remained valid after the user logged out.
  • Increased strictness of password validation.
  • BIUL service can now be run as non-root user.
  • Upgraded Kendo licensing library to remove jsonwebtoken vulnerability.

Style and Appearance

  • Increased width of date selector in Audit > Unified Search.
  • Corrected alignment of LDAP Domain Selector.
  • Corrected behavior of date range picker in narrow window.
  • Resolved overflow issue with Users and Groups side cards.
  • Improved consistency of trashcans in infinite lists.
  • Added text to (deprecated) Install GUI and Install Secure GUI switches in installation templates.
  • Corrected guidance text on domain leave.
  • Improved confusing language when cancelling out of software actions wizard.
  • Corrected spelling of Privilege in one location.
  • Made spelling of License consistent.


  • Added API to update user enabled/disabled status.
  • Resolved issue with domain join for an OU containing a space.
  • Resolved issue loading License Management screen.
  • Resolved failing call to set PMN configuration.
  • Resolved issue with Install License Server option in installation templates.
  • Resolved issue with using new Sudo Manager alias during install.
  • Resolved paging issue that occurred when filtering grids.
  • Resolved issue in which the host was not profiled after domain leave, which resulted in the appearance that the domain was still joined in BIUL.
  • Moved Entitlement report to Policy > Role-Based Policy.
  • Selected hosts are shown on the software actions wizard Summary page.
  • Disabled Audit > Session Replay if no Solr servers are present.
  • Updated card text for Audit > Session Replay to indicate that it is specific to Solr.
  • Corrected empty row in console audit dropdown.
  • Improved rendering of session_replay_data in Audit > Unified Search.

Known Issues:



  • Upgrade to Golang 1.19 for bug fixes, security upgrades, functional and performance improvements.
  • Upgrade to Angular 15 for bug fixes, security upgrades, functional and performance improvements.