DevOps Secrets Safe 21.1 Release Notes

April 15, 2021

New Features and Enhancements:

  • A new Ansible module is available, which provides the capability to create dynamic accounts using DSS.
  • Expanded dynamic accounts functionality:
    • Dynamic accounts can now define time-to-live, after which they are automatically deleted.
    • Dynamic accounts can now define a maximum time-to-live for descendant accounts.
    • Dynamic providers can now be configured to have their credentials rotated regularly by DSS.
  • A new integration with the Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool is now available, allowing the retrieval of secrets from DSS.


  • DevOps Secrets Safe deployment is only supported using Helm 3.
  • DevOps Secrets Safe is currently supported on Kubernetes up to version 1.20.
  • DevOps Secrets Safe CLI (ssrun) is supported on any standard Unix / Linux environment that has python 3.6 or later and pip3 installed.
  • The MD5 signature is: 0a7a70d8e99ba603f13cff9e5e722c0d.
  • The SHA-1 signature is: efb5bce54d0c81b5bf390b23381ab830118e8d9a.