Password Safe Cloud Resource Broker Release Notes

June 1, 2023

Issues Resolved:

  • Registry keys used by the resource broker have been configured with more restrictive ACL.
  • Resource Broker Details now displays version numbers that matches the installed version.
  • Removed server header from management service.
  • Improved cleanup process for orphaned management service tokens.
  • Improved state management around resource broker upgrade UI in the portal.


  • Direct upgrades to this version are supported from all previous versions.
  • This release is available for download by BeyondTrust customers from the Configuration > Resource Zones > Download Installer of their Password Safe Cloud portal.
  • This release bundles version of the BeyondTrust Discovery Scanner. Corresponding release notes are available here:
  • The MD5 signature is: BB32BFA84CBA817CEB64DAA71F517DBD
  • The SHA-1 signature is: 35C973A2AEAFEFAA0BF28EBD25018B7DBAB382FA
  • The SHA-256 signature is: 22AB265BE8A9D697FA00EE3DAE0C79757A9EF3D88F4FD6D83DB9BB6DBDDCA356