Password Safe Cloud Resource Broker Release Notes

June 13, 2023

  • Integrate Phoenix 23.1 for 22.4 hotfix. A new 22.4 Resource Broker is available with a new Phoenix scanner for all 22.4 customers.


  • Direct upgrades to are supported from all previous versions.
  • This release is available for download by BeyondTrust customers from the Configuration > Resource Zones > Download Installer of their Password Safe Cloud portal.
  • This release bundles version of the BeyondTrust Discovery Scanner. Corresponding release notes are available here:
  • The MD5 signature is: 1346FA3FC324E3BDE9E4B4C997B20916
  • The SHA-1 signature is: 241DAC94096D9BE4EE932CFCDF09AE6CA6E36BF6
  • The SHA-256 signature is: 8B91C8893DDCFF8DAF396AC4A51AB9DCEF97188BCDF5C4375EA548199E7E7902