BeyondTrust Discovery Agent 23.1.3.Release Notes

August 31, 2023

New Features and Enhancements:


Issues Resolved:

  • Fixed an exception which could occur when retrieving the local time and date from a Linux target.
  • Fixed a bug where default directories are not properly used for the location of SSH Authorization keys.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the abort time to be extended when additional abort commands are received.
  • Fixed a bug which caused aborts to take too long to take effect.
  • Fixed a bug where disabled Linux user accounts were not being marked as disabled.
  • Eliminated duplicate domain user and domain group commands when the initial commands fail, causing scans to hang.
  • Added additional timeouts to domain user and domain group commands to prevent the scans from hanging.

Known Issues:

  • The installation dialogs have string substitution errors.
  • Certain special characters in a MongoDB password cause the connection string to be improperly formatted and the connection fails. Workaround: For this release, avoid using special characters in the MongoDB password.


  • Direct upgrades to this version are supported from versions 20.1.0 and later.
  • This release is available by download from the BeyondTrust Client Portal at
  • There is a product dependency on having the .NET 6 Hosting package installed.
  • The MD5 signature is: 4f535b119f28222c713bed247f7d413e
  • The SHA-1 signature is: 6bdfe8e421792a13ad870d7e579963eb01caa8b2
  • The SHA256 signature is: bea0c0adee3579e998bae42b8a672e5232be6dd1e5ab91e0079bec086929e4c3