BeyondInsight and Password Safe 7.1.0 Release Notes

October 13, 2020

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Password Safe:
    • Team Passwords is a new feature designed to address the immediate need to list credentials owned by small groups away from Excel spreadsheets and sticky notes into a controlled environment.
  • General:
    • This release does not support Vulnerability Management functions.
    • This release does not include support for the following functions. If you require this functionality after upgrading to 7.1, please contact support for advice.
      • Privilege Management for Unix & Linix Event View, Search, and Session Replay
      • Endpoint Privilege Management powered by PowerBroker Session Monitoring Event View and Session Replay
      • Endpoint Privilege Management powered by PowerBroker File Integrity Monitoring Event View
    • Direct upgrades to 7.1.0 are supported from BeyondInsight versions 6.8.x or higher.
    • Adobe Flash Player is no longer required to use any part of BeyondInsight 7.0+

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved an issue where Local EPM Policy users do not get onboarded in some scenarios.
  • Resolved an issue where EPM Screenshots do not get purged.
  • Resolved an issue where PMUL Events never get processed in a UTC+N Timezone.
  • Resolved an issue where Managed Assets cannot be included in automatic purging.
  • Resolved an issue where local users expiration status does not get correctly updated on login.
  • Resolved an issue where the SamAccountName property is now displayed to help distinguish between users with the same first and last names when searching for users in Active Directory.
  • Resolved an issue where Side Panel is not working correctly in IE 11.
  • Resolved an issue with grammatical fixes for labels on Configuration Page.
  • Resolved an issue where Policy updates while the BeyondInsight database is offline causes EPM clients to lose their policies.
  • Resolved an issue where ServiceNow ticketing system does not work when a gateway is in place.
  • Resolved an issue where Name of user is not included in audit information when a user is edited.
  • Resolved an issue where LDAP logins fail if a CN or group name includes "dc".
  • Resolved an issue with adding index to evt_scan_YYYYMMDD to increase performance.
  • Resolved an issue where Smart Rules set to target a specific workgroup do not do anything.
  • Resolved an issue where asset attribute assignment Smart Rules can cause the database table to hit the maximum entries.
  • Resolved an issue where CSV export of grids strips out extra characters.
  • Resolved an issue where SQL Server is consuming 99% of CPU.
  • Resolved an issue where SSH Host Key validation attempts to validate the Managed System keys and not the Application Server keys for SSH applications.
  • Resolved an issue where Connection Profiles do not send email alerts for Actions "None" and "Block".