BeyondInsight and Password Safe 22.2.1 Release Notes

June 27, 2022

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved issue affecting upgrades from certain hotfixed prior release versions ( and

Known Issues:

  • When using the ps_automate session utility and configured to use the Firefox browser to a website using a self-signed certificate and the IgnoreCerts flag, the login is successful but the webpage does not respond. Workarounds: use a different browser, use a valid (not self-signed) certificate, after login click shift-refresh and manually accept the browser security warning for the session, or add the necessary steps to the automate configuration file to accept the warning prompt.
  • When creating a new password policy or DSS key policy, an unnecessary success toast message displays: Changes have been discarded. This notification can be ignored.
  • When modifying a Set attributes on account Smart Rule action, if you change the attribute type from one, which is a numeric name (i.e. 1) to a different attribute type, an error will occur: Key type must be int for this method of adding items. Workaround: delete the Set Attributes action and recreate.
  • In a FIPS-enabled environment, attempting an RDP Admin Session will be unsuccessful and an error message shown. Workaround: use a standard managed RDP session if possible.
  • In rare cases, if the time zone of the scanner has changed, a scheduled scan may not start at the scheduled time. Workaround: The scan will run at the next scheduled time.
  • If forms login is disabled for a user when another login method is not setup, that user cannot login. Workaround: ensure that another login method is setup before setting Disable Forms Login to yes globally or for any user.
  • Upgrading after installing BeyondInsight to a location other than the default displays an error message. Workaround: if you manually upgrade, select the alternate install folder during the upgrade.
  • Scan Data Users grid may incorrectly display Password Expired for some accounts. Workaround: log in with the affected user, or force them to change/set the password.
  • Analytics and Reporting: The Retina Product Usage Details by Organization report may not show any results in environments that do not have Retina scanners. Workaround: none, this report is no longer valid and will be removed in an upcoming release.
  • Scan Data User Details shows the user Description in the Full Name field, and may show a blank description. Workaround: none, this is informational and does not have any impact on the onboarding of the user.
  • In rare cases, installing BeyondInsight 22.2 on a U-Series Appliance may crash due to BIAdmin service not starting. Workaround: delete all JSON  files from the BIAdmin directory, then repair the BeyondInsight installation from Programs and Features.
  • Configure HSM Credentials utility may crash when testing a new HSM Credential if you don't fill in the Key Name field. Workaround: be sure to fill in all the fields before testing the credential.
  • Deleting a user that has an active Password Safe Request or related SSH Session will not succeed, and the error message is vague. Workaround: none, this is expected behavior. The error message may be improved in an upcoming release.
  • The first attempt to edit a BeyondInsight user from the User Details Edit form results in a form validation error on fields that were not changed. Workaround: discard the changes and try again, or edit the user from the grid row action.
  • Analytics and Reporting: changes to saved views or snapshots do not reflect right away in the list. Workaround: refresh the page to see the changes.
  • In the Configure HSM Credentials utility, selecting the Hardware Security Module User Guide from the Help menu displays an error. Workaround: this documentation is now avaiable online on the BeyondTrust documentation site.
  • The No Enumerations Selected banner may not display in the Scan Wizard if the Unlimited Users box is unchecked. Workaround: ensure you select the enumeration options needed for the scan.
  • The Scan Data Ports grid shows a limited number of ports, with fewer details. Workaround: none; this is informational. The new BeyondTrust Discovery Agent does not perform protocol detection and returns only the standard database and remote access ports here.
  • Naming a scan with a name belonging to a previously deleted scan appends a counter to the end of the scan name. Workaround: the deleted scan still exists behind the scenes and the name cannot be reused. Give your scan a new name.
  • Using a low/least privilege user as proxy during Analytics and Reporting configuration may lead to this user not being able to download the Analytics and Reporting log files. Workaround: add this user to the msdb.dbo table so they can download the logs.
  • It is possible to create multiple SAML providers with the same name. Workaround: none; this is not an issue because name is not the unique identifier. If the user finds it confusing, they can edit the names to be unique.
  • If a credential description begins with text matching the name of the scan it is used in, the scan is displayed as though an ad-hoc credential was used. Workaround: edit the credential description to be something other than the scan name.
  • Analytics and Reporting: pivot grid chart may display blank if the data was recently pivoted. Workaround: expand the data after pivoting, or remove/re-add the chart.
  • System Event Viewer may display errors with sources of SideBySide or AppBus. Workaround: none; this is informational. The errors do not cause any system issues and will be cleaned up in a future release.
  • If the Endpoint Privilege Management plugin is configured but the corresponding MSI is not installed, the Event Service log may contain error messages such as System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException. Workaround: be sure that the MSI is installed and complete the plugin configuration to use this feature.
  • IIS App Pool users may be displayed in the Scan Data Users grid if those accounts have logged into the scanned asset. Workaround: none; this is expected behavior.
  • Some long field names from BeyondInsight password policy changes or directory credential changes might be truncated in the User Audit Details view. Workaround: none; this is informational. Some field names can be inferred from the parts that are visible before they are truncated.


  • Direct upgrades to 22.2.1 are supported from BeyondInsight versions 7.0 or later.
  • This release is available by download for BeyondTrust customers ( and by using the BeyondTrust BT Updater.
  • The MD5 signature is: 5200722eb2641c7c008b642ea817fa3e
  • The SHA-1 signature is: 6a9121bba2a83f9adcb63158e3c38088905319f6
  • The SHA-256 signature is: 7f1fbefff33493559c5e4510b6f0e2d00c3fa3f289f682797ded86194631a356