Protocol Tunnel Jump Shortcuts

Using a Protocol Tunnel Jump, make a TCP connection from your system to an endpoint on a remote network. Because the connection occurs through a Jumpoint, the administrator can control which users have access, when they have access, and if the sessions are recorded.

Create a Protocol Tunnel Jump Shortcut

Create Jump Shortcut

To create a Protocol Tunnel Jump Shortcut, click the Create button in the Jump interface. From the dropdown, select Protocol Tunnel Jump. Protocol Tunnel Jump shortcuts appear in the Jump interface along with Jump Clients and other types of Jump Item shortcuts.

Protocol Tunnel Jump shortcuts are enabled only if their Jumpoint is configured for the Protocol Tunnel Jump method on the /login > Jump > Jumpoint page.

Create New Protocol Tunnel Jump Shortcut

Enter a Name for the Jump Item. This name identifies the item in the session tabs. This string has a maximum of 128 characters.

From the Jumpoint dropdown, select the network that hosts the computer you wish to access. The access console remembers your Jumpoint choice the next time you create this type of Jump Item. Enter the Hostname / IP of the system you wish to access.

Specify a Local Address. The default address is If you need to connect to multiple systems on the same remote port at the same time, you can enable that connection by changing each Protocol Tunnel Jump Shortcut's address to a different address within the 127.x.x.x subrange.

For Protocol, select TCP Tunnel or SQL Server Tunnel. SQL Server Tunnel uses the Microsoft SQL Server Protocol as a database proxy, enabling credential injection for users and improved auditing. Authentication is supported using Windows authentication and SQL login.

In Local Port, specify the port that will listen on the user's local system. If you leave this as automatic, the access console allocates a free port.

In Remote Port, specify the port to connect to on the remote system. This is dictated by the type of server you are connecting to.

You can define multiple pairs of TCP Tunnels as necessary for your setup.