Use Cases for the ServiceNow Enterprise Integration with BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access


You must purchase this integration separately from your BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access solution. For more information, contact BeyondTrust's Sales team.

Organizations using ServiceNow can integrate with BeyondTrust PRA to provide secure, privileged access to critical assets from within ServiceNow. This satisfies internal and external compliance requirements while maintaining comprehensive audit trails and integrating with change management processes.

Jump to Configuration Item

The ServiceNow interface displaying the abilty to Jump to a configuration item.

Technicians can leverage BeyondTrust Jump Technology to access a configuration item associated with an incident directly from the incident. Additionally, this same technology can be leveraged directly from within a configuration item as well, even if it is not associated with an incident.

Once the session ends, a detailed report of the session is imported into ServiceNow and associated with the incident or configuration item record from which it originated.


Import BeyondTrust Session Data into a ServiceNow Record

The ServiceNow interface displaying session details from the BeyondTrust session.

Once the BeyondTrust access session ends, ServiceNow is automatically updated with information gathered during the session, including:

  • File Transfer Information
  • Endpoint System Information
  • Users Involved
  • Endpoint Details
  • Access Session Recordings


Change Management Workflow

Jump Policies Ticket System ServiceNow Integration

BeyondTrust access requests can require a ServiceNow incident ID to be entered as part of the access request process. Once entered, the request is sent to ServiceNow where it can be programmatically denied or allowed using the BeyondTrust API.


Access ServiceNow Records from Access Console

Using BeyondTrust's custom link ability, a user can access the associated ServiceNow record directly from within the access console. This saves time searching for the record in ServiceNow and provides the user with any available session details, history, or other context to help resolve issues quickly.