Integration Client Tools

BeyondTrust Integration Client

Once you have finished setting up your integration client, you can start it from Start > Programs > Bomgar > Integration.

If the configuration needs to be changed, the integration client should always be run as administrator. Otherwise, file permission access errors are likely to occur.

The integration client shows whether your scheduler is running, stopped, or is not installed. Every minute, the scheduler checks to see if it has any transfers to perform. Last Program Run displays the last time that the integration client itself was invoked.


BeyondTrust Integration Client Setup Menu

From the Setup menu, you can modify your site, plugin, or schedule configurations. You can also install additional plugins, such as in-house/proprietary applications or third-party applications. Finally, you can set integration client application and notification settings.


BeyondTrust Integration Client Settings

From Application Settings, you can start and stop the scheduler, uninstall the scheduler, and change log file directory locations. You can also set the Log File Removal field to delete the integration client's activity logs after a certain number of days to save disk space and make review of activity logs more manageable.


Integration Client Notification Settings

From the Notification Settings window, you can set notification parameters. Notifications are sent any time the integration client logs an error.

If you wish to verify that your SMTP settings are accurately configured, click Send Test.


Integration Client Log

To view a log of the integration client's activity, click Log File at the bottom of the integration client window or select it from the Tools menu. The IC Log tab shows activity within the integration client tool itself, while the Service Log tab shows activity within the scheduler service.