Integration Client Guide

The BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access (PRA) Integration Client is used to transfer session logs and recordings from the BeyondTrust Appliance B Series to an external system. Two external systems are currently supported: Microsoft SQL Server and Windows-based file systems.

The BeyondTrust Integration Client supports plugins for these systems. A plugin defines the transfer details, such as the destination directory/file name or database to use. Plugin details and the standard SQL Server Schema are defined later in this guide.

This guide walks you through the installation and configuration process for the BeyondTrust PRA Integration Client. To begin using the integration client initially, you should:

  1. Ensure prerequisites are met. See Integration Client Prerequisites.
  2. Download the BeyondTrust PRA Integration Client installation package from the Support Portal.
  3. Install the integration client package. See Install the BeyondTrust Integration Client.
  4. Configure the settings database. See Create the Integration Client Settings Database.
  5. Configure the BeyondTrust PRA site. See Configure the BeyondTrust Site Settings.
  6. Configure the File System or SQL Server plugin. See Configure the File System or SQL Server Plugin Settings.
  7. Review the SQL Server Storage Database. See SQL Server Storage Database.
  8. Set the plugin schedule. See Set the Integration Client Schedule.
  9. Optional: test the integration client specific plugin. See Test the Integration Client.
  10. Review the BeyondTrust Integration Client Toolset. See Integration Client Tools.

If you need to migrate Integration Client data to a new server, see Migrate Integration Client Data to a New MS SQL Server.