API Command: get_session_attributes

The get_session_attributes command returns attributes set for an active session.

In order to issue the get_session_attributes command, you must supply the username and password for a BeyondTrust user account. That account must have the permission Allowed to Use Command API along with the permission Administrator.

The command API is an authenticated API. For instructions on using authenticated APIs using OAuth, please see Authenticate to the Privileged Remote Access API.

The API account used to issue this command must have read-only or full access to the command API.

Required Parameter for get_session_attributes

lsid=[string] The ID of the session whose attributes you wish to get. The session must currently be active.

XML Response for get_session_attributes Query

<custom_attributes> Contains a <custom_attribute> element for each custom attribute set for the session.
<error> Returns an error message if the attributes were not retrieved successfully.

Element Names and Attributes

display_name (attribute) The display name assigned to the custom attribute.
code_name (attribute) The code name assigned to the custom attribute.

Query Example: get_session_attributes

Get custom attributes for session c69a8e10bea9428f816cfababe9815fe