Perform a BeyondTrust Atlas Technology Cluster Data-Sync

After you have configured the other settings on the site, you must perform a cluster data sync to make sure the traffic nodes have the same configuration.

When a cluster sync is performed, all configuration data in /login is synced with the traffic nodes, and the failover primary syncs via the failover configuration. The latter is controlled from the failover configuration settings. After the initial sync, subsequent synchronization should be performed when changes are made to the /login > Management > Cluster page and/or the /login sync warning message appears, prompting you to perform the cluster sync.

Perform the following steps on the primary primary node to do a cluster data sync:

Atlas Cluster Status History Section

  1. Go to /login > Management > Cluster.
  2. Click Sync Now.
  3. Wait for the sync to finish.
  4. Check the Status History table to see if the sync succeeded.

After the initial sync, subsequent syncs are also manual. These should be performed as part of regular maintenance.


The Disband Cluster command removes all nodes from the cluster.