Log into the Secure Remote Access Appliance Administrative Interface

Appliance Login

After installation of the appliance, log into the Secure Remote Access Appliance administrative interface by going to your appliance's public URL followed by /appliance (e.g., http://access.example.com/appliance).

Default Username: admin

Default Password: password

You will be prompted to change the administrative password the first time you log in.1


Prerequisite Login Agreement

You may restrict access to the login screen by enabling a prerequisite login agreement that must be confirmed before the login screen is displayed.

If you wish to enable the prerequisite login agreement, please see Appliance Administration: Restrict Accounts, Networks, and Ports, Enable a STUN Server, Set Up Syslog, Enable Login Agreement, Reset Admin Account.

For security purposes, the administrative username and password for the /appliance interface are distinct from those used for the /login interface and should be managed separately.