Initial Network Configuration During BeyondTrust Appliance B Series Setup

Before deploying the BeyondTrust Appliance B Series on your network, you must set up its network configuration. This is done by accessing the B Series Appliance administrative interface from a web browser on your computer. The steps below walk you through this process. Your process may vary depending upon your operating system.

DHCP Instructions

Photograph showing the video port on the back of the B Series Appliance.

If the network location you have selected for your B Series Appliance has DHCP enabled, the B Series Appliance receives an IP address from the network and can be immediately accessed via that IP address at https://<ipaddress>/appliance. You can find this IP address via the console on the video port.

Use the default username and password to log in.

Default Username: admin

Default Password: password

Upon initial login, you are prompted to change your B Series Appliance administration password.


If using DHCP, you can skip the Console Configuration section and go to the /appliance Configuration section.

Console Configuration

If the network location selected for your appliance does not have DHCP enabled, the appliance must be configured with a static IP via the console port. A display and keyboard (using a USB port on front or back) must be connected to the appliance.

  1. Press Enter to log in to the console.

    SRA Console Login


  2. Type 1 to select Login, and then press Enter.

    SRA Console Menu

    • Default username: admin
    • Default password: password


  3. Type 1 to select the Networking menu, and then press Enter.

    SRA Console Menu


  4. Type 3 to select the Interface - eth0 menu, and then press Enter.

    SRA Console Networking Menu


  5. Type 4 to select Add IP, and then press Enter.

    SRA Console Interface eth0


  6. Type 1 to select IP and enter the desired IP address. Press Enter.

    SRA Console Add IP


  7. (Optional): Type 2 to select Prefix Length if a change is required, and then type 4 to select Save and Exit.
  8. (Optional): Type 3 to disable DHCP on this interface.
  9. Type 3 to select Default Gateway (IPv4), and then press Enter.

    SRA Default Gateway


  10. Type 1 to select Gateway and enter the desired default gateway address. Press Enter.

    SRA Default Gateway IPv4


  11. Select Save and Exit, and then press Enter.
  12. Access your appliance at https://<ipaddress>/appliance.

/appliance Configuration

Status > Basics
B Series Appliance Statistics

  1. Once you are logged into the /appliance interface, you will see the Status > Basics page. This page includes information such as the serial number which BeyondTrust Technical Support requires to register the B Series Appliance with the BeyondTrust licensing servers. Take a screenshot of this page and send it to BeyondTrust Technical Support so that the Support team can register your B Series Appliance.


The NIC Configuration section in /appliance

  1. Next, go to Networking > IP Configuration. Under the NIC Configuration section, click Add New IP.


IP :: Add

  1. Enter the static IP address and subnet mask for your B Series Appliance. Typically you should leave the default values for both fields. You can decide if this IP address will support session traffic, web traffic, or both. Then click Save Changes.


Global Network Configuration

  1. Under the Global Network Configuration section, set your default gateway. Enter your default Gateway and DNS server addresses. After entering the required information, click Save Changes.

Valid DNS settings are required for failover and automatic updates to function properly.


For more about network configuration, see The BeyondTrust Appliance B Series in the Network.

Administrative functions can also be performed by connecting a monitor and keyboard, and accessing the machine console. For more information, see Secure Remote Access Console Administration.