Search /login Administrative Interface

From every page within Privileged Remote Access /login, you can search for settings and features within the administrative interface using the search bar in the top-right corner. This feature searches for static text, including titles and labels, within the entirety of /login. Search results are listed in a dropdown, grouped by page. You can click any of the items in the listed search results to be taken directly to the page within /login. Titles and labels specific to your search are highlighted on the page.

  • Search results include only areas within /login where you have permissions.
  • User-entered items are not searched.
  • Search supports all languages supported by /login — all languages are searched and indexed.

App Switcher

If you have BeyondTrust Identity Security Insights, you can connect Privileged Remote Access and other BeyondTrust cloud applications, and then switch between applications without needing to re-enter credentials. The App Switcher menu appears in the same place in all applications: in the upper right. In Privileged Remote Access, the menu appears between the Search field and the User Menu.

Click the menu for a list of connected applications, and click the desired application. There can be more than one instance of an application, except for Identity Security Insights.

The menu does not appear if there are no connected applications. The menu is automatically removed if all connected applications are removed, or if it has not been used for 60 days. Re-entering credentials may be necessary in some circumstances, depending on the login configuration of the different applications. Configuration of this feature is managed in BeyondTrust Identity Security Insights.