Use Infrastructure Access Mode

Advanced users, such as developers, can select Infrastructure Access Mode when logging in to the console. This provides a simpler console, available from the system tray or menu bar. This is convenient for protocol and database tunneling, and BYOT sessions, but other session types are also supported.

Infrastructure Access Mode is not available on Linux systems.

Log in to the Access Console with Username and Password

To start Infrastructure Access Mode, check Launch Infrastructure Access Mode on the console authentication screen. If you have previously enabled Infrastructure Access Mode, the option is checked by default.


The Jump Item List in Access Console Infrastructure Access Mode.

Once logged in, a Jump Item List window displays, and an icon appears in the system tray (Windows) or menu bar (macOS). From the list, you can select and open a session in the usual manner. If you close the session window, you can re-open it by clicking the task bar Infrastructure Access Mode icon to open the menu, and then click Show Session.

The first time you close all windows, a notification appears to remind you that Infrastructure Access Mode is still running and is available from the icon in the system tray or menu bar.


Windows system tray icon for Infrastructure Access Mode selected, and menu showing options.

From the icon, you can open the Jump Item List window. Under the icon settings menu, you can switch to the full access console. The full console is required to begin a chat session or accept a session invite, and for some session types. You can close the full access console when it is no longer required and continue using the console in Infrastructure Access Mode.

You can view and close active sessions from the icon options, and quit Infrastructure Access Mode from the icon settings menu.