Install the Access Console on Android

The BeyondTrust access console for Android is available for free download from Google Play. From your Android device, search Google Play for "BeyondTrust Access Console" and then install the app.

To run the BeyondTrust access console on your device, your BeyondTrust Appliance must be running software version 15.2 or higher. The BeyondTrust access console is supported on Android phones running 2.3 and higher and Android tablets running 3.0 and higher.

Only the BeyondTrust access console can be used with a Privileged Remote Access (PRA) site. The BeyondTrust representative console cannot be used to connect to a Privileged Remote Access site, nor can the BeyondTrust access console be used to connect to a BeyondTrust Remote Support site.


Your BeyondTrust Appliance must be equipped with a valid SSL certificate signed by a certificate authority. BeyondTrust does not support using self-signed certificates for the Android access console.1Android devices with an operating system prior to 4.0 may encounter a certificate error when attempting to reach your BeyondTrust site. This issue results from a missing root SSL certificate in the Android device's certificate store. The issue is solely related to the Android operating system and not to the BeyondTrust software. To resolve this issue, either upgrade the Android device or contact the certificate authority to request another root SSL certificate which is compatible with the Android device.Once you have applied a CA-signed SSL certificate to your BeyondTrust Appliance, contact BeyondTrust Technical Support. Your support representative will create a new software build that integrates your SSL certificate. With this updated build installed on your appliance, you can run the BeyondTrust access console on your device to access your endpoints from virtually anywhere.