What's New in BeyondTrust Privileged Identity 5.5.4.x


Get an overview of the newest features introduced in BeyondTrust PI 5.5.4.x, including:

  • Application to Application Password Management
  • BeyondTrust Branding
  • Disconnected Account Management Elevation
  • Personal Vault
  • Shared Credential Lists

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Transcript: What's New in BeyondTrust PI 5.5.4.x

Application to Application Password Management

By installing a host-based agent on Windows endpoints, you can enable embedded application authentication and enforce application attributes such as:

  • Full path of the calling application
  • Matching SHA256 hash of the calling application
  • Authorization of the calling user executing the application

With this new functionality, developers can securely embed credentials into compiled applications subject to compliance mandates for rotation. BeyondTrust Privileged Identity administrators can further lock down these applications, leveraging one or all of the attributes listed above.

BeyondTrust Branding

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity has been updated with the latest BeyondTrust branding, including title bars, logos, desktop icons, etc.

Disconnected Account Management Elevation

The Disconnected Account Management (DAM) client now includes self-elevation capabilities. While disconnected from the network, approved endpoint users can generate a time-limited code, enter the code into a DAM agent, and use it to elevate themselves to the local administrators group.

Personal Vault

The personal vault user experience has been improved. Users can sort all columns in their personal password vault, share passwords with others, view password histories, and add custom search panels on the web application's landing page.

Shared Credential Lists

Additional API commands have been added to help administrators manage shared credential lists programmatically. Using the new API commands, administrators can manage comments, names, descriptions and URLs for shared credential lists.