Upgrade the Web Application Instance

The Privileged Identity web application is the primary method for accessing stored credentials, whether managed or static, as well as auditing access to those credentials. The web app also provides features such as the file store, the personal password store, privilege escalation, and job management. In this section, we'll cover installation of the web app from the management console.

Install a new Web Application Instance

  1. From the Actions pane, click Manage Web App.
  2. On the Manage Web Application Instances dialog, click Install or select Web App Instances > Install new instance from the menu.


Install Web Application

  1. On the Install Web Application dialog, select the target installation system.
    • Local system is the computer you're currently working on.
    • If you choose Remote System, enter the remote system's fully qualified domain name.
    • Click Check System Compatibility. This checks that IIS and the file system are accessible on the target system, and that remote registry and Remote COM access are possible. Resolve any access errors before continuing.
    • You will receive prompt to specify connection credentials. To use the currently logged in user account, click No. To specify a different account, click Yes, then enter the access credentials and click OK.
  2. If the system compatibility check completes successfully, the Web Interface Files section is filled in automatically. If you need to change any of this information, the following are the details:
    • Install to target website: All root web sites on the target server are listed here. Choose the root web site to host the web application.
    • Web files destination path: This is where the web application files will be copied. The path is resolved from IIS on the target server, which defaults to %inetpub%\wwwroot\PWCWeb.
  3. Click Install.


  1. You may receive a COM Account Confirmation warning. This appears if the COM account specified on the installation dialog is different from the currently logged in user. The warning asks you to be sure that the account specified has data store access. If it does not, the web app will fail to function until the access issue is resolved.

    If you are sure about the account information, click Yes to continue. Alternatively, click No to change to a different account.

Web Application Installed

  1. When the web application install is complete, a success prompt appears. Click OK.


Launch Browser to Web Application Instance

  1. You are prompted to launch a browser to the web application. Click No.


  1. Click Close.

The Manage Web Application Instances dialog in the management console is populated with a list of all known web applications.

For additional steps and verifications, please see Post Installation or Upgrade Steps.