Remove All Web Application Instances and Web Services

Remove Web Application Instances

  1. On all servers hosting web components, open Services and stop the IIS Admin Service.
  2. On all servers hosting web components, open Component Services and shut down the following applications:
    • PWCWebComApp
    • Lieberman ERPMWebService
    • PWC Extenstion - Account Store (CLR)
    • RSA SecureID
  3. From the Actions pane, click Manage Web App.

Make selected web application settings the default

  1. In the Manage Web Application Instances window, right-click a web application instance, and then select Make selected web application settings the default. This stores the current web app settings in the database, which saves time and reduces possible upgrade errors when deploying the upgraded web app instances.


  1. With web app settings now stored, select each web app instance one at a time, and then click Remove.
  2. Click Yes when prompted with the Are you sure you want to remove these installations? message.

Remove Web Services

  1. If the PI web service resides on the same server where your primary management console resides, take the following steps to launch the web service install wizard. If the web service resides on remoter servers, go to step #2.
    • Open the management console, and then click Manage Web App from the Action pane.
    • In the Manage Web Application Instances dialog, click Install Web Service.
  2. Copy the ERPMWebService.exe web service installation file for the currently installed PI version from your primary PI management console server to each web service host server, and then double-click the file to start the web service install wizard.
  3. Click Next on the Welcome screen.
  4. Click Next on the Program Maintenance screen.
  5. Click Remove on the Remove the Program screen.

Information Message during Web Service Removal

  1. If you see this information message during the removal process, this indicates there is a component running in Component Services or in the Application Pools in IIS Manager. Click OK. A system reboot will be required.


  1. Click Finish on the Installation Wizard Completed screen.
  2. Repeat this process for all installations of the web service.
  3. Close the primary management console.