Review Prerequisites and Install Required Software

Understand the product requirements prior to installation by reviewing the following:

Run the Privileged Identity Prerequisites Checker on All Component Servers

Run the Prerequisites Checker on each PI component server and resolve any noted deficiencies, as follows:

  1. Copy the PI Installer to each PI component server and perform the following steps on each PI component server.
  2. Double-click the installer to extract it. When the extraction process is complete, the Privileged Identity Prerequisites Checker displays.

Privileged Identity Prerequisites Checker

  1. Select the PI components that run on this server where you are running the checker, and then click Next.


Privileged Identity Prerequisites Checker Results

  1. Compare each result to the requirement and resolve deficiencies where necessary.
  2. Click Cancel to close the checker and cancel the PI software installation process.


The Prerequisites Checker may not recognize the proper amount of RAM and number of CPU cores allocated to virtual machines, in which case those warnings can be ignored.

Also, the Prerequisites Checker may display a warning if PI Identities (service accounts) do not have the dbcreator role on the database. The dbcreator role is required only for new installations, so in the case of an upgrade, this warning can be ignored.

The optional ASP.NET Core IIS Module is required only if SAML/DUO authentication is used.


If there are any remaining warnings or failures after running the Prerequisites Checker on every PI server, please stop your upgrade and contact BeyondTrust Technical Support at for assistance.