Document an Inventory of Your Existing Privileged Identity Environment

You will need a complete inventory of every server that is running one or more PI components during the upgrade process. Documenting every piece of your PI environment is crucial.


If a component that you are unaware of is missed during the upgrade and allowed to connect to the upgraded Data Store, the result will be data corruption. In the worst case scenario you may lose some or all of your data (passwords, jobs, logs, etc.) and cause a production outage.

Document system names, fully qualified domain names (FQDN), NetBIOS names, IP addresses, as well as which PI components or services that run on each system. For each zone processor, document its Job Types and Management Set Affinities. You will encounter fewer problems and make your upgrade more efficient if you have a complete understanding of your PI environment, including any other systems that PI may rely on, such as load balancers. Below is an example spreadsheet that documents a PI environment.

Example Spreadsheet that Docoments Privileged Identity Environment