Upgrade Privileged Identity

This guide describes how to upgrade Privileged Identity from a previous installation.

You can directly upgrade from any prior version of Privileged Identity to the current release. For example, you can upgrade from version 4.83.0 to version without first having to upgrade to an intermediate version.

Upgrading causes some saved preferences to reset to default values. If you configured the management console to hide certain account store types, plan on reapplying those settings following the upgrade.

Prior to upgrading, be sure to back up the program's database. During the upgrade, structures within the database are updated and may not be compatible with older versions of the product.

If the program database is still running on SQL Server 2005 or older, the database will need to be re-hosted to SQL Server 2012 or newer prior to upgrade.

  • If upgrading from version 4.83.4 or older and you are running the solution on a Windows 2003 Server, you must migrate the installation to a Windows Server 2012 or later operating system. Privileged Identity is not supported on any version of Windows Server prior to Windows Server 2012. Contact a BeyondTrust account representative for more information.
  • Versions of the product prior to version 4.83.4 did not use ASP.NET. The ASP.NET IIS role must be installed and enabled prior to upgrading to this version.
  • Starting with version 5.5.2 of the product, Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.2 is a requirement for all components of the solution.
  • Starting with version 5.5.2 of the product, the web service is a requirement for the web application to function. This also adds new requirements to the host servers.

For more information on prerequisites prior to upgrading, please see Install Privileged Identity Prerequisites .