Set Up the File Store

The web app does not dynamically create the web.config file for the file store. Rather, the web.config file is pre-configured to always point to a virtual directory called PWCWeb. Therefore, if you install the web app to a root directory or a virtual directory other than the default, the file store won't work.

To make the file store accessible in this case, follow these steps:

IIS Manager - File Vault

  1. Open IIS and locate the root web site or virtual directory where you installed the web app.
  2. Expand this object and select FileVault.
  3. From the IIS section of the center pane, open Error Pages.


IIS Manager - 404 Error Page

  1. Right-click the 404 error handler and select Edit.


IIS Manager - Edit Custom Error Page

  1. Make sure Execute a URL on this site is selected, and modify the URL to the correct path.
    1. If you installed the web app to a root directory, set the URL to /OutputFile.asp.
    2. If you installed the web app to a virtual directory under a root other than PWCWeb immediately off the root (e.g., /WebApp), set the URL to that path (e.g., /WebApp/OutputFile.asp).