Create and Assign a Client Task to Deploy Privilege Management

Privilege Management for Windows is deployed to client computers using ePolicy Orchestrator client tasks. Client tasks are assigned to groups within the System Tree. This section guides you through the creation of a client task for Privilege Management for Windows, and the assignment of the client task to the group in the System Tree.

If you previously installed the Privilege Management client with a switch, you must ensure that when you upgrade the Privilege Management client you use with the same switch. If you do not use the same switch, the new installation parameters will apply (including any added switches) and any functionality relating to previous installation switches will be lost. Privilege Management client switches can be set in the Command Line field in Products and Components.

To create a client task for Privilege Management for Windows package:

  1. Log in to ePolicy Orchestrator and navigate to Menu > Client Tasks > Client Task Catalog.
  2. Select McAfee Agent > Product Deployment from the left pane and click New Task on the top-left of the page.
  3. Select Product Deployment from the Task Types dropdown menu and click OK.
  4. Enter the following options:
Field Description
Task Name Name the task Privilege Management, where x represents the full version of Privilege Management you're deploying.
Description This is an optional field you can use if required.
Target platforms This is the operating system of your endpoints. Check the Mac box.

The Privilege Management for Windows package includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the client. The correct version is automatically installed based on the characteristics of the target client computer.

Products and components

Select BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows from the dropdown menu. Confirm Action is set to Install, Language is set as English, and Branch is set to Current. Set any switches in the Command Line field that you want to install Privilege Management for Windows with.

Postpone Deployment Use this option to allow your users to postpone the deployment of Privilege Management on their machines.
  1. Click Save to finish creating the client task.

The client task is displayed in the Product Deployment list, and is now ready for assignment to a group or client computer in the System Tree prior to running it.