Launch the ePO Policy Catalog to View Policies

The Policy Catalog page in ePO allows you to see all your Privilege Management for Windows policies and attributes and perform various actions on them. This screenshot is from ePO 5.10.

ePO Policy Catalog

To view existing Privilege Management for Windows policies in ePO Server 5.9, select BeyondTrust Privilege Management <version number> from the Product dropdown. The selection of this dropdown changes the type of policy you can create in this screen and which policies are shown. In ePO Server 5.10, ensure that the BeyondTrust Privilege Management product is selected in the Products menu on the left, as shown in the screenshot above.

Click New Policy to create a new Privilege Management for Windows policy.

To edit a policy, you need to either click the Edit link in the Actions column for the policy you want to edit, or you can click the policy name to highlight it, and then click the Edit button in the Policy Details tab.

In 5.9 and earlier versions, click the Name of a policy to view or edit it.

Trellix ePO provides standard import and export functionality for policies here; however, policies exported using these functions are exported using the Trellix format. They are not compatible with other BeyondTrust Policy Editors. We recommend you use the Import and Export functionality in the Utilities section.