Privilege Management Workstyle Summary

The Workstyle Summary provides a high level view, with links to pages where you can configure elements of a Workstyle.

  • General
    • Allows you to change the name and description of the Workstyle and disable or enable it.
  • Totals
    • Application Rules
    • On-Demand Application Rules
    • Trusted Application DLL Protection
    • Content Rules
  • General Rules
    • Collect User Information
    • Collect Host Information
    • Prohibit Privileged Account Management
    • Enable Windows Remote Management Connections
  • Filters
    • Account Filters
    • Computer Filters
    • Time Range Filters
    • Expiry Filter
    • WMI (Windows Management information) Filters

The options will only appear on the right of the screen if there are some configured.