Precedence for Application and Content Rules

If you add more than one Application Rule or content rule to a Workstyle, then entries that are higher in the list have a higher precedence. Once a target matches a rule, no further rules or Workstyles will be processed for that target. If a target could match more than one Workstyle or rule, then it is important that you order both your Workstyles and rules correctly.

To give a rule a higher precedence within a Workstyle:

  1. Expand the relevant Workstyle and then select the rule type: application, on demand, or content.
  2. Check the rule and select Actions > Up.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you have the rule positioned correctly.

To give a rule a lower precedence, follow the procedure above, but click Move Down. You can also click Move Top or Move Bottom to move a rule to the top or bottom of the list.