Insert Windows Store Applications

The Windows Store application type permits the installation and execution of Windows Store applications on Windows 8 and later to be allowed, so that users are prevented from installing or using unknown or unauthorized applications within the Windows Store.

Privilege Management for Windows can only be used to block Windows Store Applications. When you use Privilege Management for Windows to block a Windows Store Application and assign a Privilege Management for Windows block message to the Application Rule, the native Windows block message overrides the Privilege Management for Windows block message, meaning it is not displayed. Event number 116 is still triggered if you have events set up in your Application Rule.

  1. Select the Application Group you want to add the application to.
  2. In the right pane, select Actions > Add Application > Windows Store Applications.
  3. We recommend that you add a Description so that you can identify the Windows Store Application in the Application Group table. The Description is not used as matching criteria for the application definition. Alternatively, you can click the Template button to add a Windows Store Application from a list of templates.
  4. You need to configure the matching criteria for the executable. You can configure:
    • Windows Store Package Name
    • Windows Store Publisher
    • Windows Store Application Version
  5. Click OK. The application is added to the Application Group.
For more information, please see the following: