Column_name Type Length Index Description Example
SessionID bigint   3 Ascending Identity 1
SessionGUID uniqueidentifier     UUID of the session 5CD221E9-CEB5-441D-B380-CB266400B320
SessionStartTime datetime     Time session started 2017-01-03 10:24:00.000
SessionEndTime datetime     Always NULL (not used) NULL
HostSID nvarchar 200 1 Host SID S-1-21-123456789-123456789-1635717638-390614945
AgentVersion nvarchar 20   Privilege Management Client Version 4.0.384.0
ePOMode int     1 if DP client is in ePO mode. 0 otherwise. 1
CertificateMode int     Certificate Mode 0
PolicyAuditMode int     Policy Audit Mode 7
DefaultUILanguage int     Locale Identifier of UI Language 2057
DefaultLocale int     Locale Identifier of Locale 2057
SystemDefaultTimezone int     Not set so always 0 0
ChassisType nvarchar 40   Chassis Type Other
HostName nvarchar 1024 2* Host name EGHostWin1
HostNameNETBIOS nvarchar 15 2* Host NETBIOS EGHOSTWIN1
OS nvarchar 20   OS Version 6.3
OSProductType int 4   OS Product Type. 1
PlatformType nvarchar 10   Platform Type Windows
HostDomainSID nvarchar 200   Host Domain SID S-1-21-123456789-123456789-1635717638
HostDomainName nvarchar 1024   Host Domain EGDomain
HostDomainNameNETBIOS nvarchar 15   Host Domain NETBIOS EGDOMAIN