Set ActiveX Message Text

When Privilege Management for Windows is configured to elevate the installation of an ActiveX control, a built-in progress dialog box of the installation process appears. You can create and configure this message in the Messages node.

Right-click on the Messages node and select Manage ActiveX Message text.

  • Title: The title text of the progress dialog box.
  • Download Message: The text displayed during the download phase.
  • Install Message: The text displayed during the installation phase.
  • Cancel Button: The text displayed for the button that cancels the ActiveX installation.

The display text can be configured for multiple languages. Privilege Management for Windows detects the regional language of the end user, and if ActiveX strings in that language are configured, the correct translation is displayed.

If language settings for the region of the end user are not configured, then the default language text is displayed. To change the default language, select the desired language and click Set Default.