Insert ActiveX Controls

Unlike other application types, Privilege Management for Windows only manages the privileges for the installation of ActiveX controls. ActiveX controls usually require administrative rights to install, but once installed, they run with the standard privileges of the web browser.

  1. Select the Application Group you want to add the ActiveX control to.
  2. Right-click and select Insert Application > ActiveX Control.
  3. Enter the Codebase (URL) if required. This is a full or partial URL that specifies the location of the ActiveX control.
  4. Enter a description if required. By default, this is the name of the application you're inserting.
  5. You need to configure the matching criteria for the executable and then click Next. You can configure:
    • ActiveX Codebase matches
    • CLSID matches
    • ActiveX Version matches
  6. You need to configure the Advanced Options for the application. You can configure:
    • Allow child processes will match this application definition
    • Force standard user rights on File Open/Save common dialogs
  7. Click OK. The ActiveX Control is added to the Application Group.

For more information, please see Advanced Options.